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vanilla & strawberry cake

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Deliciously moist vanilla cake, with freshly made strawberry compote filling.

Topped with Swiss meringue buttercream, crushed meringue, strawberry compote, and fresh flowers.

6" 2 layer | serves 6-8
8" 2 layer | serves 16-24
10" 2 layer | serves 30-35


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we offer delivery to most Auckland addresses between 7am-10am tues-sat | 9am-midday monday

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Classic Cake Care

- Transport in cooled car and avoid direct sunlight.

- Keep cake refrigerated

- Place cake in a room temp environment for about 2 hour before serving, as the cakes are best enjoyed at room temp when the buttercream is soft.


- We don't offer vegan, dairy-free, or eggless cakes.

- Some products have 'gluten-friendly' flavours with no added gluten, but may contain traces of gluten; not suitable for serious allergies.

Refund policy

- If there is something wrong with your cake please let us know for a full refund.

-If there is a problem please send photos or evidence of the issue so that I can work to do better in the future!